Deka @ Happenings Helsinki

Happenings Helsinki is a new kind of experiential, interactive event in the world of objects and spaces. It works to promote furniture, lighting and interior design services direct to customers, but instead of a permanent showroom, customers are invited to small events that take place in different locations across Helsinki. With each event having an interiors related theme focusing on a particular phenomenon, there is emphasis on one-on-one discussions with designers and product suppliers. Here through a meaningful dialogue we learn together and are inspired by new perceptions and changing perspectives. 

Nora Kinnunen from Deka is co-producer of Happenings Helsinki, alongside interior architects Wilhelmiina Kosonen and Anne Kosonen.

Deka Studio participated in the inaugural event held in November 2022 with the theme of home office. A schedule of events for 2023 will be published on the Happenings Helsinki website soon.